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Welcome to routh_daily, the community for posting Brandon Routh pictures on a daily basis!

If you'd like to see daily Brandon pictures on your Friendslist, feel free to join! All Brandon fans are welcome.


Posting is for members only. You need to join the community to gain posting and viewing access. You won't see any posts without joining!
Your posts must be approved by the moderator first before they appear in the community.

1. This is a picture-only community, your post MUST include at least one Brandon picture. This includes introductory posts. You MAY post news and interesting rumours, as well, but please include at least one picture in your post or it won't qualify. If you're posting more than one picture in your entry or a "picspam" (lots of pics), please put the rest of the pictures under a lj-cut.

WE ACCEPT: photos and desktop wallpapers of Brandon and his roles. There's a serious lack of Brandon wallpapers out there, hence why we allow them next to the pics!

WE DON'T ACCEPT: Self-made graphics like icons, banners, colorbars, animations, manips and other livejournal graphics, fanfiction, fanart, etc. Please only stick to original pictures as there are other Brandon related communities out there for the things above.

The pictures can be of Brandon himself or from his roles. As long as they've got Brandon on it, they're okie dokie.

2. The picture OUTSIDE the lj-cut shouldn't be much wider than 500 pixels, we don't want to mess up the width of people's friendslists and layouts with large photos or slow down their browsers' loading time. If your picture is too large, put it under a lj-cut.
To check the image's size, right click on it and select 'Properties'. Its size in pixels is shown by width x height digits, for example 485 x 360 (width 485 pixels, height 360 pixels).

3. Please don't hotlink to the pictures when you're posting them, save them to your own OR a free server first, like photobucket.com, imageshack.us, boomspeed.com (all easy, free image hosting providers). You're stealing people's bandwidth with hotlinking and they're not paying for their webspace so people could leech off them.
We won't accept posts that hotlink pictures unless you have permission to do so from the webmaster/mistress hosting them. If you've got permission, please say so in the post so the moderator can approve your post. We don't want to delete people's posts because of misunderstandings.

4. Please use proper grammar, stay on topic and be kind to and respect and do not attack and provoke other members of the community. Absolutely no bashing or flaming of any kind or you'll get banned! People will always disagree on things but that can be done in a civil manner. Be nice!

5. If you're posting pictures containing nudity or other "not-safe-for-work"/adult material, please put them under a lj-cut and include an appropriate warning or they will get deleted without warning.

6. Please don't promote and pimp other communities in your posts! Stick.to.pictures. We love pictures.

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This community is run and moderated by:
houseofel (since Oct '07)

If for some reason you need to contact the moderator, drop Locksley an email at locksley (at) liccalicca (dot) net (replace the AT with @, no spaces, you know the drill).



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Stylesheet by refuted. The colors and a few other things have been changed for the community. :)